If you have a regular (non-digital and not HDTV) TV then you do not need, nor will you benefit from, expensive DVD Player features like progressive scan and component connections.

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I have used each of these online DVD rental services and they work as advertised.  Their success with hundreds of thousands of users is the strongest recommendation.  I have a BlockBuster just 3 miles away but I still saved TIME as well as MONEY by getting my movies delivered to my door and picked-up FREE, as well.  The selection is much better and, of course, I can rent NC-17, unrated and even Adult movies discreetly.  They all offer several different plans to suit your movie watching preferences, starting at less than $20 a month.
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Largest rental service with a MILLION subscribers.  Over 16,000 G to R rated movies including 3,000 foreign films (also many unrated).  20 mail centers across US so mail time is only 1 day for most of their customers.

Walmart Movie Rentals

Less Expense and backed by the largest retailer on Earth.  Walmart's rental department is growing very fast.  This is the only service I have listed without using personally but it appears it works very similarly to Netflix for a few dollars less.  I would, however, expect them to not offer as many NC-17 and unrated movies but more family fare.
  Wanted List
Wanted List
Over 8,000 DVDs of today's hottest Adult titles!  They often have contests and giveaways. 
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DVD Explorer
Select from over 18,000 titles you can rent or buy.  They also have a great selection of used DVDs at low prices.  Plus a huge Adult Toy store.  ( Buy - Rent - VOD )
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